The First Flower

In the beginning there was an incomprehensible void, a darkness beyond all darkness, and there arose a mysterious spark, which ignited a primordial force held captive by the vacuous nothingness. From that force emerged a spot, from the spot a crack, this is the crack between the nothing ; and from the crack came the unborn soul. Out of the unborn soul, an infinite variety of matter developed.
In the epicenter of the multitude of circles lies a mystic vision, an Aristotelian geometry that represents Absolute Truth. Each circle is rotated by evercaring Angels who control the epicycles of this Universe. The lunar landscape, the music of the spheres, even the infinity of space, all move according to their gentle nudges. It is the center that encompasses all and holds us under it's wings, whose mystical contour shapes the Universe, and the great space that surrounds it. Diaphanous air, wind, and fire all belong to, and are within it. Like an Ocean, all flows to the center and from the center, the cauldron of abundance, is where all begins.