Home: Houston, Texas, USA  Plays Guitars, Bass...
Instruments: Guitars: 1975 Fender Custom Telecaster,1995 Ovation Deluxe
Bass: Fender
| Other: Boss GT-6,Behringer MX-802 mixer,Mia Midi 24 bit soundcard,sm57 Shure Mic's
| DAW: 2.4 gig hz, 512 meg ram, System Drive 30 gig,Music Drive 60 gig hispeed |
Previous bands: Madison, Ronnie Baron Show, Freddy Fender, Kelly Roberts Show, Piecemeal
Musical Training: 20 + years of music study & performance...
Influences: Yes, Chicago, Kansas, ELP, Saga, Pink Floyd, Sting, Doobie Brothers
Current bands I listen to or like: Phish, Azureth :) | Fav guitarist: Steve Howe, Terry Kath, Eric Clapton, Robin Trower | Favorite Movie: Swordfish | Favorite Book: Dysfunctional Reality series (Peter Hamilton)
Last book I read: Left Behind (which ever was the last one)  | Personal Philosophy: It's a matter of perspective.
About Stephen: Stephen is one of the most amazing musicians I have ever played with. He is truly a Master of his Art! Music flows from him like water from a cool spring. In fact, the rate at which he writes music makes it hard to keep up with him at times. He has this uncanny ability to envision an idea or piece of music and then create an entire feeling and story from that idea. His playing is fluid and sophisticated, loaded with surprises and always pleasing. I have always thought of Steve as the heart of Azureth. My involvement with Stephen over this past year has been not only a musical learning experience, but one of the soul as well.
About Azureth: Azureth is a dream come true for me. A dream of playing progressive rock which I had dreamt many
years ago. I think from our very first jams and collabs we felt something important was going on. A connection on
a musical level such as this is a very deep and personal experience. While it has been the most challenging project
I have ever been involved with, it has also been the most rewarding by far! Thank you Stephen and Kenneth!