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This page gets updated regularly, please come by often to check on any new goodies posted here. Check here to read CD concept information, see the full color Lyrics pages, wallpaper, and screensavers. You can also download the images posted below, just remember to set your printer to [Landscape] to print there, they are WIDE... The lyrics of all CDs are also available here...

CD 2 - "The Promethean Syndrome"

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TPS Lyrics Page (PDF)

TPS narration text & audio, concept notes:

New: Azureth CDs Poster:

CD 1 - "Yesterday's Future, Tomorrow's Past"

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Azureth CDs Poster - NEW !!
(note) you can take this to a Kinkos for a full size wall poster :-)

Poster Designed by Katy Woolsey

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Linda Smith

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Stephen Rivera

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Azureth Collage