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Fan Feedback


Fan Feedback...(we have lot's, putting  them in little by little, work in progress)


Very good start, just leaves you guessing whats coming up. Very Yes,Floyd type, cant knock it. Quite jazz at the same time, obviously you guys can play. Production good, Vocal too quiet for me, I like to hear whats said.

Great arrangement, a real musicians band. Could be a signed band. Good ideas, prog rock impro, very tight. Enough said?

- Colonel_Mustard  

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom And 13 minutes of it too, lol. Soundin' good to me. Sorry I don't have anythin' really critical to say. I never miss a chance to hear Mark's guit.


Definately an album cut being 13:12 length. Nice keyboard work on the 1:30 min intro.

Reminds of something I'd check out on PBS. I really enjoy the more "driving" parts..guitar solos.

Impressive piece of work, dudes!


2 words....  WOW and COOL!!!

and than I mean REALLY cool

I like this...


Won "Most Modern Arrangement" on Internet Battle  Of The Bands....


   Azureth is built around a commitment to compositional excellence, expansive epic melodies, moving musical drama, with deeply poetic, philosophical, well crafted lyrics underpinning this solid musical foundation.

   In one big sweep, Azureth captures the essence of Yes, Genesis and Kansas, distilling them into their very own, more contemporary "Alternative" flavored brand of Progressive Rock self evident in songs like "The Lathe Of Heaven", while on the other hand quoting the finest aspects of Steely Dan's songwriting and story telling crafts, which can be heard in the poignant space ballad "The Grand Design".

   All the same, they manage to rip it up with fiery solos propelling the band into high speed exchanges and odd time signatures. This international group of progressive musicians are deeply influenced by the mystical and epic nature of Progressive Rock, the furious rhythm sections and fiery solos of Jazz-Rock Fusion, along with  the power and raw energy of Progressive Metal.

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