Azureth - A vintage Progressive Rock Band
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Fan Feedback...(we have lot's, putting them in little by little, work in progress)

Very good start, just leaves you guessing whats coming up. Very Yes,Floyd type, cant knock it. Quite jazz at the same time, obviously you guys can play. Production good, Vocal too quiet for me, I like to hear whats said.
Great arrangement,
a real musicians band. Could be a signed band. Good ideas, prog rock impro, very tight. Enough said?

- Colonel_Mustard Respond to this reviewer
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom [flag]

Shocked And 13 minutes of it too, lol. Soundin' good to me. Sorry I don't have anythin' really critical to say. I never miss a chance to hear Mark's guit. Cool

Definately an album cut being 13:12 length. Nice keyboard work on the 1:30 min intro. Smile
Reminds of something I'd check out on PBS. I really enjoy the more "driving" parts..guitar solos.
Impressive piece of work, dudes! Cool

2 words....  WOW and COOL!!! Cool
and than I mean REALLY cool
I like this...Very Happy


Won "Most Modern Arrangement" on Internet Battle Of The Bands....

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