Azureth - A vintage Progressive Rock Band

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Band Members(in chronological order)

Stephen Rivera

Mark Connors

John Wooten

Vince Font

Rod Chappell - Bass, Vocals
John Jones - All Narrations, background vocals, assistance with lyrics and story


   Azureth is built around a commitment to compositional excellence, expansive epic melodies, moving musical drama, with deeply poetic, philosophical, well crafted lyrics underpinning this solid musical foundation.

   In one big sweep, Azureth captures the essence of Yes, Genesis and Kansas, distilling them into their very own, more contemporary "Alternative" flavored brand of Progressive Rock self evident in songs like "The Lathe Of Heaven", while on the other hand quoting the finest aspects of Steely Dan's songwriting and story telling crafts, which can be heard in the poignant space ballad "The Grand Design".

   All the same, they manage to rip it up with fiery solos propelling the band into high speed exchanges and odd time signatures. This international group of progressive musicians are deeply influenced by the mystical and epic nature of Progressive Rock, the furious rhythm sections and fiery solos of Jazz-Rock Fusion, along with  the power and raw energy of Progressive Metal.

Music Style
Mostly Vintage Progessive Rock, some Alternative Rock, very little Progressive Metal
Some of our favorite bands
Yes, Kansas, ELP, The Flower Kings, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Spock's Beard, Al Dimeola, Transatlantic
Azureth Original Story  - written by Jessica Rivera

The great beast Azureth began simply as a cruel misfit of science. Spawned by the hands of men, seeming almost as a malevolent joke as he hatched from his egg clad with scales and feathers alike. They sought to combine the ancient power of the dragon, the fierce and commanding lord of the skies- with the gentle agility of a bird, who darts about the sky as though it were his playground. Such human magicians could not believe that their own work had created such a creature, they waited patiently to train him for their own ends.

Soon, they discovered that this poor, tormented mutant of two noble creatures was hardly as strong or quick as they had hoped, and all were sorely dissapointed in him. They held a council, the regent wizards of the land and the mighty kings. They agreed they would release him into the wild, and let the forces of nature deal with him as is appropriate.

With neither instinct nor skill to guide him, Azureth stumbled into the forest world like a beacon- shimmering blue scales about his body, and the radiant blue feathers of his wings. There was no safety from his predators unless he took to the sky, almost blending into the endless sea of clouds and air. With time on his side, from his almost eternally long lifespawn of his dragon blood, he learned to become one of the predators.

Over the decades he earned a name for himself in the world of men, they knew of Azureth and the forest which he called his own. They did not seek to tread in his land, though no tales were known of him killing men for the crime of trespassing. He did not have a hoard of treasure as other dragons, nor did he welcome travelers openly like the mystic birds of stories. He sat alone in his realm, knowing only the solace of the sky to envelop his unnatural beauty.

However, his apathy towards men may have proved to be his own death. Greedy knights with visions of grandeur came to his lair, their eyes flashing with unjustified hatred for this beast that was neither threat nor help. They figured he would be an easier kill than a full blooded dragon, and they all came as though in a line. Once Azureth had freed himself from one knight, the next would come in line with his emblem flying high beside him. They wore him down, and he began to wonder if death was not better than a life being hunted and shunned from jealousy and hatred alike.

Even with his will to live diminished, he fought. He knew that to give up his own life to the greed of men was a sin that even a creature created by greed could not allow. The day came, though, when a whole cavalry arrived to his lair, wielding spears for his scales and wicked arrows for his wings. Though he tried, he could not fight them all, and he was killed, his scales fluttering off his body like a splash of bluest water. His feathers tore from his wings as he thrashed wildly, unable to believe that the vicious men who birthed him now sought to kill him for nothing beyond their own glory.

They burnt his remains. But the ashes stirred. They swirled around and crept upwards, compelled by nature to reassemble themselves. He was not a mutant of science, he was a noble creature deserving of life and happiness. He rose from his own ashes, born again from the life which he wasted, alive in his newfound natural state. From the bosom of the land, he emerged anew, his scales flashing ever more brightly, his feathered wings ever more magnificent for he was now born of nature, and he knew no angst.

He took to the skies, ashes falling from him as he rose, trailing behind him the misgiven life of pain and apathy. When the men looked up high, they saw his glory and might, he was alive again after death. He was truly lord, now, and the men who had killed him fled to the farthest ends of the world they knew. He was the protector of his forest, not a lonely creature who had forsaken his duties due to his own confusion. He was the grand Azureth, and those who spoke his name spoke it with awe.

He is Azureth, the protector, the beast of unparalled beauty and valor- born solely of Mother Nature's blood into the world.